Refereeing in Leagues Quiz

At the commencement of the season it was agreed at Munster Squash that we would need to do something to help League players raise their standard of refereeing and their understanding of the basic rules of the game.
As players appear reluctant to attend info sessions on the topic of the rules it was suggested that some on-line resource would be helpful. With this in mind, as refereeing secretary for Munster Squash, I published a number of on-line refereeing quizzes that can be found on and here you could pay particular attention to the ones titled League Player Essential and Beginners’ Quiz.
The idea was that players would, in their own time and in the privacy of their own setting, familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of squash refereeing so that refereeing at the leagues would be less daunting.
Now as we approach the end of the season and as most leagues have finished or are near completion you are requested to do a Quiz on the Rules of the game that will be assessed automatically providing you with immediate feedback. Each club will be notified of the number of club players that completed and submitted the quiz and of the number of players who achieved a result of 70% or more. (The ‘pass’ mark in Club Grade refereeing assessments is 85%). Individual results are not disclosed to anyone.
The idea is to try to get more club members involved in having a better idea of the rules of the game and of letting clubs know the extent to which there is a commitment on the part of league players to bringing themselves to a minimum level of competency.
Please go to and create a free account. Once you have that done, join a group using the join code supplied to team captains and circulated by them. This will bring you to a ‘class’ comprising all the league players signed up. Select the assigned quiz and complete it within the time allowed. Submit the quiz and receive your results.
Practise at  as much as you want beforehand but the quiz on Edmodo is once-off.
Please do your best to ‘have a go’ at this and Good Luck!

The refereeing secretary will be happy to receive your feedback on any of the above and can be reached on 0872025373 or

You will find other useful refereeing quizzes here.  Don’t forget to check out the  Rules-of-Squash-2014 now and again!