Coach Clearance

Gárda Vetting and Coach Clearance:

New legislation regarding Gárda Vetting has recently come into force. Anyone (and not just coaches) who has on-going contact with children, in the field of leisure or sport (paid or voluntary), other than those who assist ‘occasionally’ or in the event of a family or personal relationship, must be vetted.

Child means a person under the age of 18 years. It is up to clubs to assess whether a person’s contact is ‘occasional’ or not. Occasional Contact is “now and then” or a once off event, such as a sports day.

From now on, Squash Clubs, Provincial Organisations or Irish Squash will not be able to engage anyone unless they are Gárda Vetted – this is now a legal requirement and there can be no exceptions.

The new procedure is as follows:

Two documents are required:

  1. Irish Squash Vetting Invitation NVB1,  and
  2. irish-squash-vetting-id-verification-form-v1-1-1
Both forms must be printed off, completed and posted together with any additional required documentation to:

Gerry Connaughton
Irish Squash Liaison Person
76 Caiseal Na Rí
County Tipperary
E25 TD50

The remainder of the process is done entirely online!

Once the Irish Squash Liaison Person receives your documents and everything is in order he will send you an e-mail with a link that will enable you to apply online for Gárda Vetting.  You then complete your application online and submit it.

On receipt of the application for vetting disclosure in respect of a person concerning relevant work or activities, the National Vetting Bureau will make such enquiries with An Garda Síochána or a Scheduled Organisation as it deems necessary to establish whether there is any criminal record or specified information relating to the person. There should be a very fast turnaround time after the online application is submitted – currently about four days.

The National Vetting Bureau will issue the Gárda Vetting Disclosure directly to the Irish Squash Liaison person and he will forward a copy to you and no one else.

You can produce this document if asked for it by a Club, Provincial organisation or Irish Squash.

The Code of Ethics in Children’s Sport can be read externally on the  Irish Sports Council Website.