Affiliation to Irish Squash 

The way in which clubs and individuals relate to Irish Squash has been changed since the AGM of 2005. As a result, since season 2005-2006 we are all to become individual members of Irish Squash in much the same way as golfers and tennis players affiliate to their governing body.

Clubs will no longer pay affiliation fees based on courts, but based on membership.

You will find a list of the benefits of membership and the fees applicable for this season on the Irish Squash web site.

As involvement in Munster Squash activities such as leagues, open and closed tournaments, as well as coaching, refereeing and other courses is intended for affiliated members you are asked to please support our sport by affiliating now.

As before, a portion of the fees is returned to Munster Squash to assist us in covering our operating expenses.

Are all members of the squash club required to affiliate? Players wishing to enter competitions and attend courses must be full members and it is hoped that other members will avail of the benefits of associate membership.

Check out the Irish Squash Website for full details.