Eye Guards

ALL junior players must wear protective eye guards while on the court during junior competitions. This is a Europe-wide ESF rule. This rule applies even while they are just knocking-up on court before your match or playing ‘three-quarters’!

Picture of a Traditional Eye Guard
Traditional Eye Guard

There is a wide range of makes on the market but remember that the ones without the cover over the eye are not allowed. If you wear glasses (spectacles) you are required to wear prescription eye-guards.

Picture of a Mask Eye Guard
Mask Eye Guard

Be sure to buy only those brands carrying the EC or BS standards logo. The WRONG eyeguards have an aperture (opening) in the lens, that is, they are not fully closed lenses.

Tips for use include:

  • Avoid contact with greasy substances (like hair gel, creams or oils).
  • Warm the eyeguards before putting them on to reduce fogging-up.
  • Leave them on so that they keep warm. If you remove them from your face after every rally you increase the fogging.
  • Avoid ‘cleaning’ them with your wet squash top.
  • Wearing a head-band will reduce the effect of perspiration.
  • You can buy anti-condensation spray.

The World Squash Federation recommends that all players wear eye protection!