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New Rackets
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Before you buy that next racket why not check out CXPro for quality, durability and value!
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Racket Repair
Racket broken over head and dazed

Don’t throw away those broken rackets, you can now get them repaired!
Contact Martin O’Donoghue at 0214962194 or 0868232722 for rapid repair.

Protective Eyewear

The risk of eye injury in racquet sports such as squash is high according to the American Academies of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics, the American Optometric Association, and eye care professionals who have studied sports eye injuries. Fortunately, these injuries are almost totally preventable with appropriate protective equipment.

The following list of eyewear is approved by the US and meets the American Society for Testing and Materials standard for eye protection. [source]

  • Black Knight Action Eyes Stiletto
  • Black Knight Action Eyes Turbo
  • Black Knight Action Eyes Turbo Junior
  • Black Knight Lasers
  • Black Knight Sight Guards
  • Black Knight Kona
  • Black Knight Kona Junior
  • Black Knight Lynx
  • E­Force Crystal Wrap
  • E­Force Dual Focus
  • Ektelon Scopa Slim
  • Ektelon Speed
  • Ektelon Strobe
  • Ektelon Strobe 2009
  • Ektelon Vendetta
  • Dunlop I­Armor Protective Eyewear
  • Dunlop I­Armor Junior Eyewear
  • Gearbox Vision
  • Harrow Radar
  • Harrow Banzai
  • Harrow Shield Pro
  • HEAD Impulse
  • HEAD Pro Elite
  • HEAD Raptor
  • HEAD Rave
  • i­MASK (WARNING: For i­MASK users: Polycarbonate spectacle lenses should be used if spectacles are worn under protective eyewear.)
  • Oliver Mirage
  • Oliver Prolite
  • Prince Speed
  • Prince Pro Lite
  • Prince Pro Lite II
  • Prince Scopa Slim
  • Python Rad Turbo Amber/Lens
  • Python Rad Turbo
  • Swans Sports Eye Guard
  • Tecnifibre Absolute Squash
  • Tourna Specs Clear
  • Wilson Jet Eyewear
  • Wilson Lynx
  • Wilson nVue Eyewear
  • Wilson Vents Hope Squash

Note: We at Munster Squash DO NOT endorse these eyewear products over any other eyewear products on the market. This list is to help Munster Squash members in choosing the best protection for their own needs.