League Rules

The following are the rules that apply to all Leagues run by Munster Squash:

The Munster Squash Committee shall have absolute power to deal with any matter that may arise in connection with all competitions and which is not provided for in these rules. In particular, the Committee may waive the application of any rule if it considers that exceptional circumstances warrant it. The decision of the Committee on any such matter or on the interpretation of any rule shall be final.

Rules of the Game 
All matches will be played under the rules of Irish Squash.

The double-yellow dot ball is recommended for Munster Championships and Munster Leagues for all Divisions, unless court conditions are cold enough to warrant using a single-yellow dot ball.
Any change of ball from the preferred ball must be agreed by both players, if both players fail to reach an agreement then the recommended ball should be used.

IS and WSF rules on clothing apply to all matches under the jurisdiction of Munster Squash. Currently, there is no colour requirement other than players are required to respect the requests of host clubs; shoes must be non-marking; typical clothing includes for men is described as – short sleeved top, shorts, stockings and shoes and typical clothing for women include top, skirt or shorts, stockings, and shoes.
Juniors (U19) playing in competitions under the jurisdiction of Munster Squash are required to wear protective eye-guards that meet the requirements of the World Squash Federation.

Only players who have paid full membership of Irish Squash are allowed to play in leagues or tournaments.

Ability of Players
It is the responsibility of participating clubs to ensure that all the players entered on a league panel are being entered in a league appropriate to the ability of the players. Players should not be entered in leagues below the standard of their play. Where Munster Squash believes that a club is entering a player in a league below the standard of that player Munster Squash shall be entitled to require that player to be played in a higher league and not in the lower league.
Players will be set into divisional bands on a yearly basis by the Munster Captain at the end of the league season. Promotion and relegation of players between bands will depend on results throughout the season.
Contact the Munster Captain if you have any queries over which band a player should fall under.
Players can play in a division above their divisional band, but cannot play in a division below their divisional band.

Each league tie shall be the best of five matches. One point will be awarded per game won in each match. Bonus points will be awarded to the winning team as follows:

  • 5 points for a 5 – 0 win
  • 4 points for a 4 – 1 win
  • 3 points for a 3 – 2 win

Scoring in games shall be Point-A-Rally (PAR),

  •        Div 1 and Div 2 shall be up to 11 and must win by 2 clear points,
  •        Div 3, Div 4, Div 5 and Div 6 shall be up to 15 and must win by 2 clear points.

Panels and Teams 
Prior to the commencement of the league, team captains (or a club representative) are required to submit a panel of players in order of merit ranking to Munster Squash. The Munster Captain (or a delegate from the Munster Committee) as administrator for the Munster Leagues shall be responsible for collecting and checking the panels for the Munster Leagues.

In some cases, at the half-way point in the league (Date to be decided bu Munster Squash depending on Leagues format i.e. Round Robin or Groups) the panel of players and panel merit order may be reconsidered and re-submitted by the Team Captains to Munster Squash and updated panels may be allowed for the second half of the league (including playoffs).
N.B. In some cases change will not be allowed (normally for leagues that take place in the 2nd half of the season i.e. January to May)

Only players on submitted panels may participate in the league (including playoffs if there are any) and for the duration of the league players must play in the relevant order of merit submitted.

The Committee may request any club to justify its panel or team. If in the opinion of the Committee a player has been incorrectly ranked or incorrectly played in a league below the standard of their play the committee shall have the power to impose whatever penalties it deems appropriate.

Time of matches 
All matches must be played at the date, place and time of the fixture except in very exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement with their respective league secretary, sufficient notice having been given in all cases. It is recommended that all ties commence at 7:30 p.m.

Order of play 
Matches should be played in the order 5 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 2

Note: If a team plays with 4 players the team must play at 1 through 4. example, if a team plays without their regular number 3 then the players at 4 and 5 must move up one place to 3 and 4 and in the event of a team playing out of the submitted merit ranking order, the player shall be deemed to have lost the match by a margin of 3-0, regardless of the result, and all players below that player will automatically lost 3-0 as well.

Walkovers are strictly discouraged, a walkover may be claimed by the opposing team if, all other matches having been played, 20 minutes have elapsed since the time of calling the players on court. Only team captains can concede or accept walkovers.
Note: in the unusual circumstances that a team which is made up of a combination of clubs their designated home venue must be declared to all other team captains before the league starts.

If a fixture is postponed by a club then the captain of that club must inform the league secretary of the postponement, it is also that captains responsibility to reschedule the fixture. The rescheduled fixture must be played within a reasonable amount of time, Munster Squash recommends within 2 weeks of the original date but would prefer to see the fixture plated even if it extended beyond 2 weeks.

Return of results 
The captain of the winning team must communicate the results of the tie to their respective league secretary directly after the last match of the tie is played.

League Fees 
League fees are due from the date of commencement of each league. Once a team has been entered in the draw for a league, the league fee becomes payable even if the team subsequently withdraws.
Entry fee is €100 per team to be made payable to Munster Squash before the commencement of the league.

Please contact the Munster Squash Treasurer, Martin Walker, to arrange payment of league fees.
Contact details are on the Committee page on this site, direct link: www.munstersquash.com/index.php/committee/

Players are advised that offensive, disruptive or intimidating behavior in squash is not acceptable and is deleterious to the game. Included in this category are: audible or visible obscenities; any threatening behavior; deliberate dangerous play or action; verbal or physical abuse; dissent; abuse of racket, court or ball; unnecessary physical contact; excessive racket swing; unfair warm-up; time-wasting; being late back on court between games; arguing with the referee; receiving coaching other than when between games.
Misconduct will be dealt with under the Code of Conduct described in the Constitution of Munster Squash.

In league matches, the home team should appoint three of the five referees and the visiting team the remaining two.
i.e. 1st match = refereed by Home team, 2nd match = refereed by Away team, 3rd match = refereed by Home team, 4th match = refereed by Away team, 5th match = refereed by Home team.

Players may not request a change of referee once the match has commenced.

Please check out our refereeing section of this website for further info, there are some useful quizzes and resources to aid your understanding of the rules, and info about upcoming refereeing coaching sessions.

Team submission date:

Panels for Div 1, 3 and 5 are to be submitted to the Munster Secretary (Dates will be issued by Munster Squash)

Panels for Div 2, 4 and 6 are to be submitted to the Munster Secretary (Dates will be issued by Munster Squash)

Please submit your panel in merit order and please nominate you team captain.

Start dates

Mid October for Division 1 3 and 5 (exact Date TBC)

Mid January for Division 2 4 and 6 (exact Date TBC)


An assessment of the league results will be carried out at the end of every season, and players may be promoted for the following season if they are deemed to be too strong for a division.

The League Committee for each division will be comprised of 3 personnel: the Munster Captain, the Munster President, and a League Secretary for each respective division.
Each team that enters a league, on submission of their team listing, must have a nominated Team Captain for communication with the League Committee.

Any complaints are to be directed via the Team Captains to the League Secretary for communication to the League Committee members. Complaints will be put before all 3 members of the respective League Committee for discussion before coming to a decision.

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