Are you eligible to play for Munster?
These rules are set out in the Irish Squash by-laws (Appendix E) and state:

A player shall be eligible to represent his/her province in the Inter-Provincial Championships provided:-
(i) he/she was born in that Province or
(ii) his/her father, mother, grandfather or grandmother was born in that Province and provided that he/she has played one compulsory tournaments in that Province in the season in question or
(iii) he/she was domiciled in that Province for a minimum period of 12 months immediately prior to the Championships or
(iv) he/she is resident in that Province for the purposes of undergoing full-time education in the Province or
(v) that the player has previously represented that Province and was eligible to do so: and
(vi) he/she has not already represented another Province in the same season.