Division 2: Celtic v Sundays Well

On Saturday, the team from Sundays Well traveled to Waterford to play against Celtic in their match postponed from March 12th. The visitors proved to be the better side on the day, winning 3 games to 2.

Over the last week we saw Sundays Well play Celtic. With Celtic having the home advantage, Sundays Well were just that bit too sharp. First up we saw Ian McClean take on young Munster player James Gaffney at the number 5’s, Ian started off well going 2-0 up, but with quick pace and steady squash from James, he managed to bring it back to 2-2. With the fitness of Ian and the pace of squash he played in the 5th set he managed to pull out a win with a very tight 5th.
At number 4 we saw another young Munster player in James Doherty, where he faced Jack Molloy. With Jacks home record being good throughout the season James just had the more squash and had Jack moving all over the court. James won the first one comfortably winning 11-6, in the second one Jack seemed to have upped the pace in his squash and played very tight forehand play and very good drop shots but with the quick feet and great retrieving of James Jack started to get tired with James winning 11-5. The Third started with James keeping the rallies going and Jack just couldn’t keep up. James went on to win 3-0.
In the number 3 position we saw Greg O Gorman take on the very hard hitter John Kennedy. Greg won the first game in good style and seemed to have John under pressure, but with Johns fast pace he very quickly took a 2-1 lead. In the 4th set, Greg led 10-6 having game point until John caught Greg accidently with the racket. That seemed to have slowed Greg down and John went on to win 12-10 to seal a 3-1 win.
At number 2, a very good player Dave Ronayne took on another great player Conor O Neill. Again, Conor took a 2-0 lead. But with the great heart of Dave, he tried very hard and worked really well to bring it back to 2-2. Both players were looking tired going into the 5th set Conor lead the 5th set and he was on match point at 10-7, but with the fighting heart and very hard hitting of Dave he soon brought it back to 10-10. Both players had referee Greg O Gorman under pressure calling many lets and looking for a lot of strokes. Dave eventually won after a very hard and great 5th set 17-15.
At number one, Ken McCarty took on Mark O Regan. In the first set Marks drops were perfect and he was working Ken well to take the first. Ken then settled and played superbly tight against the wall forcing Mark to into mistakes and Ken levelling it at 1-1. Ken played some outstanding squash using his strong left hand to his advantage in the third and going 2-1 up but Mark dug in to bring it to a 5th and with some real long rallies both players started to tier and Mark won the game 3-2.
Overall, Sundays Well won 3-2 and they are now only 10 points off leaders Highfield A with a game in hand.

Celtic 10 - 15 Sundays Well
Mark O Reegan 3 - 2 Ken Mccarthy
Conor O Neill 2 - 3 David Ronayne
John Kennedy 3 - 1 Greg O' Gorman
Jack Molloy 0 - 3 James Doherty
James Gaffney 2 - 3 Ian Mclean

Mens League

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