Division 2: Sunday’s Well v Celtic, Highfield ‘B’ v Celtic

On Saturday 18th April 2015,
Celtic travelled to play Sunday’s Well and Highfield ‘B’.

Sundays Well put more pressure on Highfield A with a good 3-2 win over Celtic Squash club on Saturday last week. At #1 Ken McCarthy lost 3-0 to Mark O’Regan in a tense tight match that could have easily had a much different scoreline. At 2 Dave Roynane and Conor O’Neill played out the match of the night with Conor’s experience just managing to pull him through past the powerful hitting of Dave. The next 3 matches were all good wins for Sundays Well though with Greg O’Gorman, James Doherty and Ian McClean winning 3-0 against Adam Power, Jack Molloy and Martin Walker respectively. It was a 14-6 win for Celtic that sees them put even more pressure on their rivals at the top.

The celtic team then headed up the road to face Highfield B, Rob Holland put up a great fight at 1 to take a game off of Mark O’Regan but was unable to capitalise on this game and lost 3-1. Next up Ciaran Malkin was unable to make a breakthrough against Conor O’Niell, another powerful hitter Ciaran pushed Conor but just couldn’t force enough loose play from Conor. Jim O’Callaghan had a great tussle with Adam Power and both players pushed hard in tough rallies. At 4 Lorcan Cosgrave took his match against Mark Crowley with some fantastic high paced rallies. Finally Eoghan Long completed the 3-2 victory for Highfield to take the tie 13-6 for Highfield.

Sunday's Well 14 - 6 Celtic
Ken McCarthy 0 - 3 Mark O'Regan
Dave Ronayne 2 - 3 Conor O'Neill
Greg O'Gorman 3 - 0 Adam Power* (Actual score Greg 3-1 Adam)
James Doherty 3 - 0 Jack Molloy
Ian McLean 3 - 0 Martin Walker
Highfield 'B' 13 - 6 Celtic
Rob Holland 1 - 3 Mark O'Regan
Ciarán Malkin 0 - 3 Conor O'Neill
Jim O'Callaghan 3 - 0 Adam Power* (Actual score Jim 1-3 Adam)
Lorcan Cosgrave 3 - 0 Mark Crowley (Actual score Lorcan 3-2 Mark)
Highfield 'B' (Walkover awarded) 3 - 0 Celtic (Walkover conceded)

*ineligible player fielded by Celtic so walkover imposed against said player and players below.

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