Division 2: Week 12 Results

Highfield ‘A’ hosted Celtic, and Munster Select travelled to Sunday’s Well.

Sundays Well had a good week in the Division 2 with a great win over the Munster Select team. A series of 3-0 wins from the top four players saw them in good position to complete a clean sweep of Highfield and take the maximum points. Unfortunately for them, despite having multiple match balls Ian McClean could not take the final match and 2 valuable points slipped away from them as Liam O’Byrne took the match 3-2.

Highfield A had no such problems against Celtic. Tony O’Brien and Paul O’Mahony were too strong at 1 and 2 for Celtics Mark O’Regan and Conor O’Neill winning both matches 3-0. Barry Lynch added to the total with a strong performance beating Jack Molloy 3-0 also. Finally Ricky Chisholm fought hard to complete the clean sweep winning against Mark Crowley 3-2 in the match of the night. A 20-2 win for Highfield saw them top of the table that night but with Sundays Well playing on the Saturday it was only for a single day.

Highfield A 20 - 2 Celtic
Tony O'Brien 3 - 0 Mark O'Regan
Paul O'Mahony 3 - 0 Conor O'Neill
Barry Lynch 3 - 0 Jack Molloy
Ricky Chisholm 3 - 2 Mark Crowley
Walkover Awarded 3 - 0 Walkover Conceded
Sundays Well 18 - 3 Munster Select
Ken McCarthy 3 - 0 Mike Howard
Dave Ronayne 3 - 0 Maciej Truchan
Greg O'Gorman 3 - 0 Brendan Lawton
James Doherty 3 - 0 Michael Bradley
Ian McLean 2 - 3 Liam O'Byrne

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