Division 2: Week 4 Results

Celtic travelled to Tipperary to face Thurles.
Battle in Highfield between the ‘A’ and ‘B’ squads.
Silver Springs travelled up the Lee to face Sundays Well.
Munster Select had a bye.

Thurles 16 - 5 Celtic
Ciarán Maher 3 - 1 Mark O'Regan
Karl McLoughney 0 - 3 Conor O'Neill
Liam Butler 3 - 0 Jack Molloy
David Broderick 3 - 0 Mark Crowley
Liam Maher 3 - 1 Martin Walker

Highfield 'B' 5 - 18 Highfield 'A'
Rob Holland 0 - 3 Tony O'Brien
Ciarán Malkin 3 - 2 Ian O'Brien (ret inj)
Lorcan Cosgrave 0 - 3 Barry Lynch
Bryan Aherne 0 - 3 Luke Harman
Eoghan Long 2 - 3 Brian O'Sullivan

Rob Holland took on Tony O’Brien as the top seeds, but an unfortunate muscle spasm in Rob’s back during the match curtailed his usual movement.
Tony took the match 3-0, and gave a solid performance despite requiring physio on his leg in recent weeks.

Ciarán Malkin battled it out with Ian O’Brien as the number 2 seeds, and after two hard fought games Ian held the lead 2-0. Both players were upping the ante in the third game, Ian hoping to get off the court in 3, while Ciarán was determined to claw himself back into contention.
Unfortunately for Ian, mid-rally he had to stop as he twisted his arm retrieving a shot. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to recover from the injury he had to concede the match to Ciarán, 3-2 (ret inj).

Lorcan Cosgrave and Barry Lynch played off as 3rd seeds, and gave some great displays of athleticism and flexibility. Both lads retrieved remarkably well, but it was Barry’s consistently better length that separated the two players in the end. The final score was 3-0 to Barry.

Bryan Aherne and Luke Harman squared up as the two 4th seeds. Luke proved dominant on the night and took the lead in each of the games leaving Bryan struggling to get to grips with the pace of Luke’s shots. Luke sustained his power tactics throughout the match to good effect, smashing the ball away from Bryan at every opportunity, and took the match 3-0.

The 5th seeds were last on and was definitely the match of the evening. The small gathering outside the courts turned to the centre-court as the other matches finished.
Eoghan gave a great performance, really pushing Brian and deservedly won two games to put the pressure on Brian. Brian found the composure to work Eoghan a bit and won two games also. Brian held out in the 5th game well, as Eoghan’s heroic efforts earlier in the match left him too exhausted to push Brian in the end. 3-2 to Brian.

Sunday's Well 18 - 3 Silver Springs
Ken McCarthy 3 - 0 Geoff Wales
Dave Ronayne 2 - 3 Graham Higgins
Greg O'Gorman 3 - 0 Jan Mikolaj
James Doherty 3 - 0 Vincent Daly
Ian McLean 3 - 0 Rowan O'Meara

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