Irish Senior Interprovincials 2018 (Fitzwilliam, Dublin)

The Munster Senior Team played the 2018 Interpros in Dublin at the weekend.

The team was as follows:

John Hurley (Sunday’s Well – Captain), Nick Staunton (Qualified through grandparent from Tipperary), Karl McLoughney (Thurles). Sophie O’Rourke (Highfield), Paul O’Mahony (Highfield).

Munster had a tight 3-2 defeat to Ulster on the Friday night.
Munster were well beaten by an exceptionally strong Connacht side on Saturday morning with only Paul O’Mahony getting close to a win.
Connacht went on to win the event outright beating all of their opponents.
Munster had a good 3-2 win in the final round against Leinster on Saturday afternoon.

The team performed very well over the weekend and it was great to see the younger players Paul, Sophie and Karl  gain some very valuable experience playing at this level.
Credit to John Hurley, Captain and current Munster Champion, for putting together the team and looking after the Munster side’s preparations.

The event was well-run by Leinster Squash and the atmosphere in Fitzwilliam was superb, especially given the fact the Irish Open PSA was being held there on the same weekend.

The following are the results from the weekend,

Friday Night,

Munster 2 V 3 Ulster

Munster 2 - 3 Ulster
John Hurley 3 - 2 Peter McNeice
Nick Staunton 3 - 0 David Ayerst
Karl McLoughney 0 - 3 Alan Megaw
Sophie O'Rourke 1 - 3 Adrian Leeson
Paul O'Mahony 1 - 3 Mark Gilland


Saturday Morning,

Munster 0 V 5 Connacht

Munster 0 - 5 Connacht
John Hurley 0 - 3 John Rooney
Nick Staunton 0 - 3 David Noone
Karl McLoughney 0 - 3 Niall Rooney
Sophie O'Rourke 0 - 3 Rory Gilligan
Paul O'Mahony 2 - 3 Niall Brennan


Saturday Afternoon,

Munster 3 V 2 Leinster

Munster 3 - 2 Leinster
John Hurley 3 - 0 Dara O'Flynn
Nick Staunton 3 - 0 Gavin L’Estrange
Karl McLoughney 0 - 3 Michael Creaven
Sophie O'Rourke 0 - 3 Alex Smith
Paul O'Mahony 3 - 0 John Dillon