Ladies Ladder

1Sandra Gleeson WalsheKilkenny
2Clare JonesHighfield
3Siobhán O'MalleyHighfield
4Suzie ConnorsThurles
5Rose QuilterSilversprings
6Mandy CollinsUCC
7Belinda HoganThurles
8Ann-Marie ClohessyThurles
9Josie CollinsThurles
10Edel EganHighfield
11Mary-Jo MolloyThurles
12Breda O'ConnellThurles
13Geraldine KinaneThurles
14Mary MahonyThurles
15Sarah MaherThurles
16Stella AherneThurles
17Michelle CroweThurles


Joining the ladder – any lady playing squash in Munster may join the Munster Ladies’ Ladder by challenging and beating a ladder ranked player. A successful challenger takes the rank of her opponent, and the opponent and everyone beneath her move down one rank on the ladder.

Challenging another ladder player ranked above you – a lady on the ladder may challenge any player up to 10 positions above her. The challenger must be willing to play the challenge match away, at the home court of her opponent. The higher ranked player must arrange a date for the challenge match within one month of the challenge being issued, (or if she already has a challenge match arranged, she must arrange a date within one month after the date of the match which is already arranged).

Falling off the ladder – apart from the number 1 ranked player, any player who does not play a ladder match in a period of 3 months will fall off the ladder, irrespective of her rank and all the players beneath her on the ladder will move up one position on the ladder. Fallen players may rejoin the ladder at any time by successfully challenging a lady on the ladder, as described above.

Contact for the contact details of opponents for challenge matches and to submit challenge match results.