Mens League Fixtures 2017/18

Season 2017/2018

(Fixture results and postponement details last updated on 15th Feb 2018)

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Division 1

Division 1 Dates
Link to Results
Tuesday 3rd October 2017Round 1Celtic9-12U.C.C.
Tuesday 17th October 2017Round 2Sunday's Well8-13U.C.C.
Tuesday 31st October 2017Round 3Highfield5-17U.C.C.
Thursday 9th November 2017Round 1Sunday's Well20-2Highfield
Friday 10th November 2017Round 3Sunday's Well8-15Celtic
Tuesday 14th November 2017Round 4Highfield14-9Sunday's Well
Tuesday 28th November 2017Round 5Sunday's Well3-17U.C.C.
Tuesday 12th December 2017Round 6Celtic8-16Sunday's Well
Tuesday 12th December 2017Round 6Highfield5-17U.C.C.
Tuesday 23rd January 2018Round 5Highfield1-20Celtic
Tuesday 6th February 2018Round 2Celtic20-1Highfield
Monday 12th March 2018Round 4U.C.C. (Highfield)-CelticFixture postponed by Celtic in round 4.
Division 1 Championship
Tuesday 23rd January 2018Semi 1Seed 1P-PSeed 4Fixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Tuesday 23rd January 2018Semi 2Seed 2P-PSeed 3Fixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Neutral venue
Tuesday 6th February 2018FinalWinner SF1P-PWinner SF2Fixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA

Division 2

Division 2 Dates
Link to Results
Tuesday 10th OctoberRound 1Thurles20-4Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 10th OctoberRound 1Sunday's Well7-14Highfield
Saturday 4th NovemberRound 2The Gleneagle17-7Thurles
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Highfield18-6The Gleneagle
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Celtic20-1Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Thurles15-9Sunday's Well
Tuesday 21st NovemberRound 4The Gleneagle17-5Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 21st NovemberRound 4Sunday's Well14-6Celtic
Tuesday 21st NovemberRound 4Thurles10-15Highfield
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Sunday's Well18-5The Gleneagle
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Limerick Lawn7-17Highfield
Tuesday 9th JanuaryRound 2Highfield17-5Celtic
Tuesday 16th JanuaryRound 6Limerick Lawn6-18Thurles
Tuesday 16th JanuaryRound 6Highfield16-7Sunday's Well
Tuesday 30th JanuaryRound 7Thurles20-1The Gleneagle
Tuesday 30th JanuaryRound 7Celtic5-16Highfield
Saturday 3rd FebruaryRound 1Celtic6-16The Gleneagle
Saturday 3rd FebruaryRound 7 (W/O)Sunday's Well20-0Limerick LawnWalkover conceded by Limerick
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Celtic8-20Thurles
Tuesday 13th FebruaryRound 8The Gleneagle5-17Highfield
Tuesday 20th FebruaryRound 8Limerick Lawn-CelticFixture was postponed by Celtic in round 8.
Tuesday 20th FebruaryRound 8Sunday's Well-ThurlesFixture was postponed by Thurles in round 8.
Tuesday 24th OctoberRound 2Limerick LawnP-PSunday's WellFixture postponed by Limerick Lawn, New date TBA
Tuesday 16th JanuaryRound 6The GleneagleP-PCelticFixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Tuesday 27th FebruaryRound 9Limerick Lawn-The Gleneagle
Tuesday 27th FebruaryRound 9Celtic-Sunday's Well
Tuesday 27th FebruaryRound 9Highfield-Thurles
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 10The Gleneagle-Sunday's Well
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 10Thurles-Celtic
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 10Highfield-Limerick Lawn

Division 3

Division 3 Dates
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Thursday 5th OctoberRound 1Celtic18-7Highfield B
Thursday 5th OctoberRound 1Thurles12-9Ennis
Thursday 19th OctoberRound 2Highfield B11-12Highfield A
Thursday 2nd NovemberRound 3Celtic15-9Highfield A
Thursday 2nd NovemberRound 3Highfield B17-7Thurles
Thursday 16th NovemberRound 4Ennis20-2Highfield B
Thursday 16th NovemberRound 4Highfield A17-7Thurles
Thursday 30th NovemberRound 5Highfield A7-16Ennis
Thursday 14th DecemberRound 6 (W/O)Highfield B20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic
Thursday 14th DecemberRound 6Ennis13-6Thurles
Thursday 25th JanuaryRound 7Highfield A14-9Highfield B
Friday 26th JanuaryRound 2 (W/O)Ennis20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic
Thursday 8th FebruaryRound 8Thurles8-12Highfield B
Thursday 8th FebruaryRound 8 (W/O)Highfield A20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic
Thursday 18th JanuaryRound 5ThurlesP-PCelticFixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Thursday 25th JanuaryRound 7CelticP-PEnnisFixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Thursday 22nd FebruaryRound 9Highfield B-Ennis
Thursday 22nd FebruaryRound 9Thurles-Highfield A
Thursday 8th MarchRound 10Celtic-Thurles
Thursday 8th MarchRound 10Ennis-Highfield A

Division 4

Division 4 Dates
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Thursday 12th OctoberRound 1Ennis20-2U.C.C.
Thursday 26th OctoberRound 2Sunday's Well8-13Ennis
Thursday 26th OctoberRound 2Thurles12-7Kilbrin
Thursday 9th NovemberRound 3Ennis20-1Kilbrin
Monday 13th NovemberRound 3Sunday's Well12-8U.C.C.
Thursday 23rd NovemberRound 4Thurles1-20Ennis
Thursday 23rd NovemberRound 4Kilbrin8-16U.C.C.
Thursday 7th DecemberRound 5U.C.C.12-8Thurles
Thursday 18th JanuaryRound 6Thurles14-9Sunday's Well
Thursday 18th JanuaryRound 6U.C.C.5-16Ennis
Thursday 25th JanuaryRound 5Sunday's Well16-6Kilbrin
Thursday 1st FebruaryRound 7Kilbrin7-14Thurles
Thursday 8th FebruaryRound 1Sunday's Well15-8Thurles
Thursday 15th FebruaryRound 8U.C.C.10-13Sunday's Well
Thursday 1st MarchRound 9Ennis-Thurles
Thursday 1st MarchRound 9U.C.C.-Kilbrin
Monday 5th MarchRound 7Ennis-Sunday's WellFixture was postponed by Sunday's Well in round 7.
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 8Kilbrin-EnnisFixture was postponed by Ennis in round 8.
Thursday 15th MarchRound 10Kilbrin-Sunday's Well
Thursday 15th MarchRound 10Thurles-U.C.C.

Division 5

Division 5 Dates
Link to Results
Wednesday 4th OctoberRound 1Sunday's Well A15-7U.C.C. A
Wednesday 4th OctoberRound 1Thurles16-5Glenville
Thursday 5th OctoberRound 1U.C.C. B2-20Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 11th OctoberRound 1The Gleneagle10-14Kilworth
Wednesday 18th OctoberRound 2Kilworth17-6Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 18th OctoberRound 2Glenville7-17Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 18th OctoberRound 2Thurles20-1U.C.C. B
Thursday 19th OctoberRound 2U.C.C. A14-11The Gleneagle
Thursday 2nd NovemberRound 3U.C.C. A9-14Kilworth
Wednesday 1st NovemberRound 3Glenville20-1U.C.C. B
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Sunday's Well A13-9The Gleneagle
Wednesday 15th NovemberRound 4Glenville8-13Kilworth
Thursday 16th NovemberRound 4U.C.C. B8-14U.C.C. A
Friday 17th NovemberRound 4Sunday's Well B12-7Sunday's Well A
Thursday 23rd NovemberRound 4The Gleneagle14-7Thurles
Wednesday 29th NovemberRound 5U.C.C. B0-20Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 29th NovemberRound 5Sunday's Well B14-12U.C.C. A
Wednesday 29th NovemberRound 5Glenville14-6The Gleneagle
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Kilworth18-6Thurles
Wednesday 13th DecemberRound 6Sunday's Well A20-4Glenville
Wednesday 13th DecemberRound 6Kilworth7-15Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 10th JanuaryRound 6U.C.C. B0-20The Gleneagle
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7Thurles16-8Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7U.C.C. A20-4Glenville
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7Kilworth20-0U.C.C. B
Wednesday 1st NovemberRound 3 (W/O)Sunday's Well B0-20ThurlesWalkover conceded by Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7 (W/O)The Gleneagle20-0Sunday's Well BWalkover conceded by Sunday's Well B
Thursday 1st FebruaryRound 6Thurles16-3U.C.C. A
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 1Seed 1 - Kilworth18-4Seed 8 - U.C.C. B
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 2Seed 2 - Thurles18-4Seed 7 - Glenville
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 3Seed 3 - The Gleneagle13-9Seed 6 - Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 4Seed 4 - Sunday's Well A13-8Seed 5 - U.C.C. A
Wednesday 21st FebruaryPlate Semi 1Seed 1 - U.C.C. A-Seed 4 - U.C.C. B
Wednesday 21st FebruaryPlate Semi 2Seed 2 - Sunday's Well B-Seed 3 - Glenville
Wednesday 21st FebruarySemi 1Seed 1 - Kilworth-Seed 4 - Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 21st FebruarySemi 2Seed 2 - Thurles-Seed 3 - The Gleneagle
Neutral venue
Wednesday 7th MarchPlate FinalPlate SF1 Winner-Plate SF2 Winner
Neutral venue
Wednesday 7th MarchFinalSF1 Winner-SF2 Winner

Division 6

Division 6 Dates
Link to Results
Wednesday 11th OctoberRound 1The Gleneagle20-0U.C.C.
Wednesday 11th OctoberRound 1Glenville5-17Thurles
Wednesday 25th OctoberRound 2Glenville6-17The Gleneagle
Wednesday 25th OctoberRound 2Thurles2-20Kilbrin
Wednesday 8th NovemberRound 3The Gleneagle13-8Kilbrin
Wednesday 8th NovemberRound 3U.C.C.1-20Glenville
Wednesday 22nd NovemberRound 4Thurles3-20The Gleneagle
Wednesday 22nd NovemberRound 4Kilbrin20-0U.C.C.
Wednesday 6th DecemberRound 5Glenville2-20Kilbrin
Wednesday 6th DecemberRound 5U.C.C.4-16Thurles
Wednesday 17th JanuaryRound 6U.C.C.1-20The Gleneagle
Wednesday 17th JanuaryRound 6Thurles5-17Glenville
Wednesday 31st JanuaryRound 7The Gleneagle16-6Glenville
Wednesday 31st JanuaryRound 7 (W/O)Kilbrin20-0ThurlesWalkover conceded by Thurles
Wednesday 14th FebruaryRound 8Kilbrin20-5The Gleneagle
Wednesday 14th FebruaryRound 8 (W/O)Glenville20-0U.C.C.Walkover conceded by U.C.C.
Wednesday 28th FebruaryRound 9The Gleneagle-Thurles
Wednesday 28th FebruaryRound 9U.C.C.-Kilbrin
Wednesday 14th MarchRound 10Kilbrin-Glenville
Wednesday 14th MarchRound 10Thurles-U.C.C.