Mens League Fixtures

Season 2016/2017

(Fixtures last updated on 22nd Sept. 2016)

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Division 1

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Tuesday 4th October 2016Round 1Highfield12-6Sunday's Well
Tuesday 4th October 2016Round 1Silver Springs9-13Celtic
Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2Celtic16-6Highfield
PP Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2Sunday's WellP-PSilver Springs
Tuesday 22nd NovemberRound 2 PSunday's Well17-5Silver Springs
Wednesday 30th NovemberRound 3Highfield16-5Silver Springs
PP Wednesday 30th NovemberRound 3Sunday's WellP-PCeltic
Wednesday 7th DecemberRound 3 PSunday's Well15-8Celtic
PP Tuesday 17th January 2017Round 4CelticP-PSilver Springs
PP Tuesday 17th January 2017Round 4Sunday's WellP-PHighfield
Wednesday 1st February 2017Round 4 PSunday's Well13-9Highfield
Tuesday 7th February 2017Round 4 PCeltic17-3Silver Springs
Tuesday 21st February 2017Round 5Highfield7-17Celtic
PP Tuesday 21st February 2017Round 5Silver SpringsP-PSunday's Well
Wednesday 8th MarchRound 5 PSilver Springs2-20Sunday's Well
PP Wednesday 15th MarchRound 6CelticP-PSunday's Well
Wednesday 15th MarchRound 6Silver Springs4-16Highfield
Thursday 30th MarchRound 6Celtic17-6Sunday's Well

Division 2

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PP Tuesday 27th SeptemberRound 1CelticP-PThurles
Tuesday 27th SeptemberRound 1Highfield20-2Silver Springs
Thursday 29th SeptemberRound 1 PCeltic14-7Thurles
Tuesday 11th OctoberRound 2Sunday's Well18-7Celtic
Tuesday 11th OctoberRound 2Munster Select (Killarney)3-18Highfield
Tuesday 1st NovemberRound 3Thurles9-12Sunday's Well
Tuesday 1st NovemberRound 3Silver Springs12-11Munster Select
Tuesday 15th NovemberRound 4Thurles6-17Celtic
Tuesday 15th NovemberRound 4Silver Springs2-20Highfield
Tuesday 24th JanuaryRound 5Celtic16-8Sunday's Well
Tuesday 24th JanuaryRound 5Highfield20-4Munster Select
Tuesday 14th FebruaryRound 6Sunday's Well15-10Thurles
PP Tuesday 14th FebruaryRound 6Munster Select (Ennis)P-PSilver Springs
WO Saturday 25th FebruaryRound 6 PMunster Select (Ennis)20-0Silver Springs
PP Tuesday 28th FebruarySemi 1, Leg 1Munster Select (Limerick)P-PCeltic
Tuesday 28th FebruarySemi 2, Leg 1Sunday's Well14-7Highfield
Tuesday 21st MarchSemi 1, Leg 1 PMunster Select (Limerick)4-18Celtic
Tuesday 21st MarchSemi 2, Leg 2Highfield14-8Sunday's Well
Wednesday 29th MarchSemi 1, Leg 2Celtic18-5Munster Select
3rd place playoff
(Neutral Venue)
Thurles, 6:30pm start
Tuesday 4th AprilMunster Select2-3Highfield
(Neutral Venue)
Thurles, 6:30pm start
Tuesday 4th AprilCeltic4-1Sunday's Well

Division 3

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Tuesday 4th OctoberRound 1Celtic20-6Highfield 1
PP Tuesday 4th OctoberRound 1EnnisP-PSilver Springs
Tuesday 25th OctoberRound 2Highfield 116-6Ennis
Tuesday 25th OctoberRound 2Silver Springs11-12Celtic
Saturday 5th NovemberRound 1 PEnnis20-0Silver Springs
Tuesday 8th NovemberRound 3Celtic20-1Highfield 2
Tuesday 15th NovemberRound 4Highfield 114-8Highfield 2
Friday 18th NovemberRound 5Ennis13-8Celtic
Tuesday 22nd NovemberRound 5Silver Springs10-14Highfield 1
Tuesday 29th NovemberRound 6Highfield 213-11Ennis
Tuesday 6th DecemberRound 7Highfield 26-16Silver Springs
Tuesday 17th JanuaryRound 8Highfield 27-18Highfield 1
Tuesday 31st JanuaryRound 9Highfield 115-8Silver Springs
Tuesday 7th FebruaryRound 10Highfield 26-16Celtic
Saturday 11th FebruaryRound 9Celtic17-5Ennis
Tuesday 21st FebruaryRound 11Ennis20-2Highfield 2
Tuesday 7th MarchRound 12Silver Springs20-2Highfield 2
Tuesday 14th MarchRound 13Ennis3-20Highfield 1
PP Tuesday 14th MarchRound 13CelticP-PSilver Springs
Tuesday 28th MarchRound 14Highfield 16-14Celtic
Tuesday 28th MarchRound 14Silver Springs20-6Ennis
WO Saturday 1st AprilRound 13 PCeltic20-0Silver Springs

Division 4

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Thursday 29th SeptemberRound 1Highfield 120-0Sunday's Well
Thursday 29th SeptemberRound 1Ennis20-0Thurles 2
Thursday 29th SeptemberRound 1Thurles 110-12U.C.C.
Thursday 20th OctoberRound 2Kilbrin12-14Highfield 1
Thursday 20th OctoberRound 2Silver Springs14-6Ennis
Thursday 20th OctoberRound 2Highfield 24-18Thurles 1
Thursday 3rd NovemberRound 3Sunday's Well6-18Kilbrin
Thursday 3rd NovemberRound 3Thurles 215-9Silver Springs
PP Thursday 3rd NovemberRound 3U.C.C.P-PHighfield 2
Thursday 17th NovemberRound 4Sunday's Well1-20Highfield 1
Thursday 17th NovemberRound 4Thurles 24-18Ennis
Thursday 17th NovemberRound 4U.C.C.14-9Thurles 1
Thursday 24th NovemberRound 3 PU.C.C.18-5Highfield 2
Thursday 26th JanuaryRound 5Highfield 114-7Kilbrin
PP Thursday 26th JanuaryRound 5EnnisP-PSilver Springs
PP Thursday 26th JanuaryRound 5Thurles 1P-PHighfield 2
Thursday 16th FebruaryRound 6Kilbrin18-3Sunday's Well
WO Thursday 16th FebruaryRound 6Silver Springs20-0Thurles 2
Thursday 16th FebruaryRound 6Highfield 21-20U.C.C.
Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 5 PThurles 120-0Highfield 2
Thursday 2nd MarchRound 5 PEnnis20-1Silver Springs
WO Thursday 9th MarchPlayoff 1Kilbrin20-0Silver Springs
Thursday 9th MarchSemi 1, Leg 1U.C.C.7-12Highfield 1
Thursday 16th MarchPlayoff 2Thurles 15-20Kilbrin
Wednesday 22nd MarchSemi 1, Leg 2Highfield 116-6U.C.C.
Thursday 23rd MarchSemi 2, Leg 1Kilbrin13-8Ennis
Thursday 30th MarchSemi 2, Leg 2Ennis18-9Kilbrin
3rd place playoff
(Neutral Venue)
Limerick Lawn, 6:30pm start
Thursday 6th AprilU.C.C.1-4Kilbrin
(Neutral Venue)
Limerick Lawn, 6:30pm start
Thursday 6th AprilHighfield 13-2Ennis

Division 5

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Thursday 6th OctoberRound 1Silver Springs13-10Ballycotton
Thursday 6th OctoberRound 1Kilbrin9-15U.C.C. 1
Thursday 6th OctoberRound 1Highfield18-5Sunday's Well
Thursday 6th OctoberRound 1Munster Ladies (Thurles)1-20The Gleneagle
Thursday 6th OctoberRound 1Glenville15-7Kilworth
Thursday 6th OctoberRound 1U.C.C. 25-16Highfield Ladies
Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2Ballycotton6-14Kilbrin
Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2U.C.C. 16-13Silver Springs
Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2Munster Ladies (Thurles)3-16Highfield
Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2The Gleneagle15-10Sunday's Well
Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2Highfield Ladies1-20Glenville
PP Thursday 27th OctoberRound 2KilworthP-PU.C.C. 2
Tuesday 1st NovemberRound 2 PKilworth20-2U.C.C. 2
Thursday 10th NovemberRound 3Kilbrin17-7Silver Springs
PP Thursday 10th NovemberRound 3BallycottonP-PU.C.C. 1
Thursday 10th NovemberRound 3Sunday's Well20-0Munster Ladies
Thursday 10th NovemberRound 3Highfield13-6The Gleneagle
Thursday 10th NovemberRound 3Kilworth20-3Highfield Ladies
Thursday 10th NovemberRound 3U.C.C. 20-20Glenville
Thursday 17th NovemberRound 3 PBallycotton16-5U.C.C. 1
Thursday 1st DecemberRound 4Ballycotton16-4Silver Springs
Thursday 1st DecemberRound 4U.C.C. 116-6Kilbrin
Thursday 1st DecemberRound 4Sunday's Well6-16Highfield
PP Thursday 1st DecemberRound 4The GleneagleP-PMunster Ladies
Thursday 1st DecemberRound 4Kilworth14-8Glenville
Thursday 1st DecemberRound 4Highfield Ladies20-1U.C.C. 2
Monday 9th JanuaryRound 4 PThe Gleneagle20-0Munster Ladies
WO Thursday 9th FebruaryRound 5Kilbrin20-0Ballycotton
Thursday 9th FebruaryRound 5Silver Springs3-16U.C.C. 1
WO Thursday 9th FebruaryRound 5Highfield20-0Munster Ladies
Thursday 9th FebruaryRound 5Sunday's Well5-16The Gleneagle
Thursday 9th FebruaryRound 5Glenville20-0Highfield Ladies
Thursday 9th FebruaryRound 5U.C.C. 21-20Kilworth
WO Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 6Silver Springs0-20Kilbrin
Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 6U.C.C. 116-5Ballycotton
WO Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 6Munster Ladies (Thurles)20-0Sunday's Well
Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 6The Gleneagle7-12Highfield
Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 6Highfield Ladies13-8Kilworth
Thursday 23rd FebruaryRound 6Glenville20-0U.C.C. 2
Wednesday 15th MarchSemi 2, Leg 1Highfield16-9Glenville
Thursday 16th MarchSemi 1, Leg 1Kilworth20-4Kilbrin
Thursday 30th MarchSemi 1, Leg 2Kilbrin6-17Kilworth
PP Thursday 30th MarchSemi 2, Leg 2GlenvilleP-PHighfield
Friday 7th AprilSemi 2, Leg 2 PGlenville16-6Highfield
3rd place playoff
(Neutral Venue)
Sunday's Well, 6:30pm start
Thursday 13th AprilKilbrin0-5Highfield
(Neutral Venue)
Sunday's Well, 6:30pm start
Thursday 13th AprilKilworth1-4Glenville