Mens League Fixtures 2017/18

Season 2017/2018

(Fixture results last updated on 26th March 2018)

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Division 1

Division 1 Dates
Link to Results
Tuesday 3rd October 2017Round 1Celtic9-12U.C.C.
Tuesday 17th October 2017Round 2Sunday's Well8-13U.C.C.
Tuesday 31st October 2017Round 3Highfield5-17U.C.C.
Thursday 9th November 2017Round 1Sunday's Well20-2Highfield
Friday 10th November 2017Round 3Sunday's Well8-15Celtic
Tuesday 14th November 2017Round 4Highfield14-9Sunday's Well
Tuesday 28th November 2017Round 5Sunday's Well3-17U.C.C.
Tuesday 12th December 2017Round 6Celtic8-16Sunday's Well
Tuesday 12th December 2017Round 6Highfield5-17U.C.C.
Tuesday 23rd January 2018Round 5Highfield1-20Celtic
Tuesday 6th February 2018Round 2Celtic20-1Highfield
Monday 12th March 2018Round 4U.C.C. (in Highfield)15-9Celtic
Division 1 Championship - CANCELLED
Tuesday 23rd January 2018Semi 1Seed 1P-PSeed 4Fixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Tuesday 23rd January 2018Semi 2Seed 2P-PSeed 3Fixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
Neutral venue
Tuesday 6th February 2018FinalWinner SF1P-PWinner SF2Fixture postponed by Celtic, New date TBA
The Championship was cancelled this season due to a number of league matches being postponed late into the season resulting in an inability to get all teams to agree to play the Championship on the scheduled dates before the league was finished and by the time the last league match was played no new dates could be agreed upon.

Division 2

Division 2 Dates
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Tuesday 10th OctoberRound 1Thurles20-4Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 10th OctoberRound 1Sunday's Well7-14Highfield
Saturday 4th NovemberRound 2The Gleneagle17-7Thurles
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Highfield18-6The Gleneagle
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Celtic20-1Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Thurles15-9Sunday's Well
Tuesday 21st NovemberRound 4The Gleneagle17-5Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 21st NovemberRound 4Sunday's Well14-6Celtic
Tuesday 21st NovemberRound 4Thurles10-15Highfield
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Sunday's Well18-5The Gleneagle
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Limerick Lawn7-17Highfield
Tuesday 9th JanuaryRound 2Highfield17-5Celtic
Tuesday 16th JanuaryRound 6Limerick Lawn6-18Thurles
Tuesday 16th JanuaryRound 6Highfield16-7Sunday's Well
Tuesday 30th JanuaryRound 7Thurles20-1The Gleneagle
Tuesday 30th JanuaryRound 7Celtic5-16Highfield
Saturday 3rd FebruaryRound 1Celtic6-16The Gleneagle
Saturday 3rd FebruaryRound 7 (W/O)Sunday's Well20-0Limerick LawnWalkover conceded by Limerick
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Celtic8-20Thurles
Tuesday 13th FebruaryRound 8The Gleneagle5-17Highfield
Tuesday 20th FebruaryRound 8Limerick Lawn16-7Celtic
Tuesday 20th FebruaryRound 8Sunday's Well12-10Thurles
Tuesday 27th FebruaryRound 9Celtic15-10Sunday's Well
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 10The Gleneagle16-6Sunday's Well
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 10Thurles20-7Celtic
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 10Highfield20-1Limerick Lawn
Tuesday 20th MarchRound 9Limerick Lawn13-9The Gleneagle
Tuesday 20th MarchRound 9Highfield4-18Thurles
Tuesday 24th OctoberRound 2Limerick Lawn0-20Sunday's WellWalkover conceded by Limerick
Tuesday 16th JanuaryRound 6The Gleneagle20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic

Division 3

Division 3 Dates
Link to Results
Thursday 5th OctoberRound 1Thurles12-9Ennis
Thursday 19th OctoberRound 2Highfield B11-12Highfield A
Thursday 2nd NovemberRound 3Highfield B17-7Thurles
Thursday 16th NovemberRound 4Ennis20-2Highfield B
Thursday 16th NovemberRound 4Highfield A17-7Thurles
Thursday 30th NovemberRound 5Highfield A7-16Ennis
Thursday 14th DecemberRound 6Ennis13-6Thurles
Thursday 25th JanuaryRound 7Highfield A14-9Highfield B
Thursday 8th FebruaryRound 8Thurles8-12Highfield B
Thursday 22nd FebruaryRound 9Highfield B5-20Ennis
Thursday 22nd FebruaryRound 9Thurles17-8Highfield A
Thursday 8th MarchRound 10Ennis17-3Highfield A
The following results and fixtures were removed from the league table as Celtic were removed for failure to play away fixtures.
Thursday 5th OctoberRound 1Celtic18-7Highfield B
Thursday 2nd NovemberRound 3Celtic15-9Highfield A
Thursday 14th DecemberRound 6 (W/O)Highfield B20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic
Friday 26th JanuaryRound 2 (W/O)Ennis20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic
Thursday 8th FebruaryRound 8 (W/O)Highfield A20-0CelticWalkover conceded by Celtic
Thursday 18th JanuaryRound 5Thurles---CelticFixture cancelled as Celtic have been removed from the league for failure to play away fixtures.
Thursday 25th JanuaryRound 7Celtic---EnnisFixture cancelled as Celtic have been removed from the league for failure to play away fixtures.
Thursday 8th MarchRound 10Celtic---ThurlesFixture cancelled as Celtic have been removed from the league for failure to play away fixtures.

Division 4

Division 4 Dates
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Thursday 12th OctoberRound 1Ennis20-2U.C.C.
Thursday 26th OctoberRound 2Sunday's Well8-13Ennis
Thursday 26th OctoberRound 2Thurles12-7Kilbrin
Thursday 9th NovemberRound 3Ennis20-1Kilbrin
Monday 13th NovemberRound 3Sunday's Well12-8U.C.C.
Thursday 23rd NovemberRound 4Thurles1-20Ennis
Thursday 23rd NovemberRound 4Kilbrin8-16U.C.C.
Thursday 7th DecemberRound 5U.C.C.12-8Thurles
Thursday 18th JanuaryRound 6Thurles14-9Sunday's Well
Thursday 18th JanuaryRound 6U.C.C.5-16Ennis
Thursday 25th JanuaryRound 5Sunday's Well16-6Kilbrin
Thursday 1st FebruaryRound 7Kilbrin7-14Thurles
Thursday 8th FebruaryRound 1Sunday's Well15-8Thurles
Thursday 15th FebruaryRound 8U.C.C.10-13Sunday's Well
Tuesday 13th MarchRound 8Kilbrin3-18Ennis
Thursday 15th MarchRound 10Kilbrin16-7Sunday's Well
Thursday 15th MarchRound 10Thurles17-7U.C.C.
Tuesday 20th MarchRound 7Ennis13-6Sunday's Well
Thursday 1st MarchRound 9Ennis9-12Thurles
Thursday 1st MarchRound 9U.C.C.16-5Kilbrin

Division 5

Division 5 Dates
Link to Results
Wednesday 4th OctoberRound 1Sunday's Well A15-7U.C.C. A
Wednesday 4th OctoberRound 1Thurles16-5Glenville
Thursday 5th OctoberRound 1U.C.C. B2-20Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 11th OctoberRound 1The Gleneagle10-14Kilworth
Wednesday 18th OctoberRound 2Kilworth17-6Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 18th OctoberRound 2Glenville7-17Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 18th OctoberRound 2Thurles20-1U.C.C. B
Thursday 19th OctoberRound 2U.C.C. A14-11The Gleneagle
Thursday 2nd NovemberRound 3U.C.C. A9-14Kilworth
Wednesday 1st NovemberRound 3Glenville20-1U.C.C. B
Tuesday 7th NovemberRound 3Sunday's Well A13-9The Gleneagle
Wednesday 15th NovemberRound 4Glenville8-13Kilworth
Thursday 16th NovemberRound 4U.C.C. B8-14U.C.C. A
Friday 17th NovemberRound 4Sunday's Well B12-7Sunday's Well A
Thursday 23rd NovemberRound 4The Gleneagle14-7Thurles
Wednesday 29th NovemberRound 5U.C.C. B0-20Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 29th NovemberRound 5Sunday's Well B14-12U.C.C. A
Wednesday 29th NovemberRound 5Glenville14-6The Gleneagle
Tuesday 5th DecemberRound 5Kilworth18-6Thurles
Wednesday 13th DecemberRound 6Sunday's Well A20-4Glenville
Wednesday 13th DecemberRound 6Kilworth7-15Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 10th JanuaryRound 6U.C.C. B0-20The Gleneagle
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7Thurles16-8Sunday's Well A
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7U.C.C. A20-4Glenville
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7Kilworth20-0U.C.C. B
Wednesday 1st NovemberRound 3 (W/O)Sunday's Well B0-20ThurlesWalkover conceded by Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 24th JanuaryRound 7 (W/O)The Gleneagle20-0Sunday's Well BWalkover conceded by Sunday's Well B
Thursday 1st FebruaryRound 6Thurles16-3U.C.C. A
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 1Seed 1 - Kilworth18-4Seed 8 - U.C.C. B
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 2Seed 2 - Thurles18-4Seed 7 - Glenville
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 3Seed 3 - The Gleneagle13-9Seed 6 - Sunday's Well B
Wednesday 7th FebruaryQuarter 4Seed 4 - Sunday's Well A13-8Seed 5 - U.C.C. A
Wednesday 21st FebruaryPlate Semi 1Seed 1 - U.C.C. A20-2Seed 4 - U.C.C. B
Wednesday 21st FebruaryPlate Semi 2Seed 2 - Sunday's Well B20-4Seed 3 - Glenville
Wednesday 21st FebruarySemi 2Seed 2 - Thurles17-4Seed 3 - The Gleneagle
Wednesday 21st FebruarySemi 1Seed 1 - Kilworth5-16Seed 4 - Sunday's Well A
Venue: U.C.C.
Thursday 8th MarchPlate Final(Plate SF1 Winner)
U.C.C. A
2-3(Plate SF2 Winner)
Sunday's Well B
Venue: Kilworth
Monday 5th MarchFinal(SF1 Winner)
Sunday's Well A
1-4(SF2 Winner)

Division 6

Division 6 Dates
Link to Results
Wednesday 11th OctoberRound 1The Gleneagle20-0U.C.C.
Wednesday 11th OctoberRound 1Glenville5-17Thurles
Wednesday 25th OctoberRound 2Glenville6-17The Gleneagle
Wednesday 25th OctoberRound 2Thurles2-20Kilbrin
Wednesday 8th NovemberRound 3The Gleneagle13-8Kilbrin
Wednesday 8th NovemberRound 3U.C.C.1-20Glenville
Wednesday 22nd NovemberRound 4Thurles3-20The Gleneagle
Wednesday 22nd NovemberRound 4Kilbrin20-0U.C.C.
Wednesday 6th DecemberRound 5Glenville2-20Kilbrin
Wednesday 6th DecemberRound 5U.C.C.4-16Thurles
Wednesday 17th JanuaryRound 6U.C.C.1-20The Gleneagle
Wednesday 17th JanuaryRound 6Thurles5-17Glenville
Wednesday 31st JanuaryRound 7The Gleneagle16-6Glenville
Wednesday 31st JanuaryRound 7 (W/O)Kilbrin20-0ThurlesWalkover conceded by Thurles
Wednesday 14th FebruaryRound 8Kilbrin20-5The Gleneagle
Wednesday 14th FebruaryRound 8 (W/O)Glenville20-0U.C.C.Walkover conceded by U.C.C.
Wednesday 7th MarchRound 9The Gleneagle15-6Thurles
Wednesday 7th MarchRound 9U.C.C.0-20Kilbrin
Wednesday 14th MarchRound 10Kilbrin20-4Glenville
Wednesday 14th MarchRound 10Thurles5-18U.C.C.