Calendar 2017-2018

KEY: Junior Events, Senior Events, Masters Events

24th – 27th European Individual Closed Championships (Nottingham, England)
30th – 2nd Sept European Individual Masters’ Championships (Wroclaw, Poland)

2nd – 3rd Mt Pleasant Junior Mixed Open (Mount Pleasant, Dublin)
8th – 10th Welsh Junior Open 2017 (GP) (Cardiff, Wales)
8th – 10th Women Who Squash Event (Sutton, Dublin)
13th – 16th European Club Championships (Paderborn, Germany)
16th – 17th Connacht Junior Open (Galway) – IRISH JUNIOR TOUR 1
22nd – 24th Curragh Senior Open (Curragh, Kildare) – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 1
29th – 30th Killarney Senior Open (The Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney)
30th – Junior Squads U15’s (Dublin)
30th – Oct 1st O35 Intercounties (England)

1st – Junior Squads U17’s (Dublin)
5th – 8th Nordic Junior Open (Super Series) (Malmo)

12th – 15th Danish Junior Open (GP) (Copenhagen)
12th – 15th Hungarian Junior Open (GP) (Budapest)
13th – 15th Munster Senior Open (Waterford) – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 2

14th – 15th Junior Intercounties Stage 1 (England)
14th – Junior Squads U11’s (Dublin)
14th World Squash Day
15th – Junior Squads U13’s (Dublin)

21st – 22nd Ulster Junior Open – IRISH JUNIOR TOUR 2
28th – 29th East of Ireland Junior Open (Sutton)

2nd – 5th Belgian Junior Open (Super Series) (Herentals)
3rd – 5th Leinster Masters Open & 35/40’s (Fitzwilliam) –IRISH MASTERS TOUR 1
4th – 5th Senior Intercounties Stage 1 (England)
11th – 12th Munster Junior Open (Cork) – IRISH JUNIOR TOUR 3
17th – 19th Connacht Senior Open – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 3
18th – 19th Junior Intercounties Stage 2
18th – Junior Squads U13’s (Dublin)
19th – Junior Squads U11’s (Dublin)

24th – 26th Irish Junior Open (GP)– IRISH JUNIOR TOUR 4
24th – 25th Highfield Senior Open
27th – Dec 3rd WSF Men’s WTC (Marseille, France)

1st – 3rd Ulster Senior Open – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 4
1st – 3rd Connacht Masters Open Plus O35/40’s –IRISH MASTERS TOUR 2

2nd – Junior Squads U11’s & U17’s (Dublin)
2nd – U11 Munster Invitational (Thurles)
3rd – Junior Squads U13’s & U15’s (Dublin)
7th – 10th Swiss Junior Open (Super Series) (Langnau am Albis)
8th – 9th Sunday’s Well Senior Open 
9th – 10th Munster Junior Invitational (Thurles)
15th – 17th Leinster Senior Open – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 5
28th – 30th Scottish Junior Open (GP)
30th – 7th Jan Old Belvedere Goodbody Open & Handicap

2nd – 6th British Junior Open (Super Series) (Birmingham)
6th – 7th Connacht Junior Closed
6th – 7th Leinster Junior Closed
12th – 13th Junior Intercounties Final
12th – 14th Munster Masters’ Open – O35/40 (Ennis)
13th – 14th Leinster Senior Closed (Sutton)
13th – 14th Ulster Senior Closed
13th – Junior Squads U13’s & U15’s (Dublin)
14th – Junior Squads U11’s & U17’s (Dublin)
19th – 21st Czech Junior Open (SS) (Prague)

19th – 21st O35 Intercounties
19th – 21st Senator Windows Munster Masters’ Open (Cork) – IRISH MASTERS TOUR 3
20th – 21st Ulster Junior Closed
26th – 28th Mount Pleasant Open – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 6
27th – 28th Munster Junior Closed (Waterford)

3rd – 4th Leinster Junior Open – JUNIOR TOUR 5 (Sutton)
9th – 11th Senior Nationals – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 7
10th – Junior Squads U13’s (Dublin)
11th – Junior Squads U11’s (Dublin)
15th – 18th French Junior Open 2018 (Super Series) (Lille)

16th – 17th Ulster Masters Open/O35 & 40 – IRISH MASTERS TOUR 4
17th – Junior Squads U17’s (Dublin)
18th – Junior Squads U15’s (Dublin)
23rd – 25th Austrian Junior Open (GP) (Vienna)

23rd – 25th Junior Nationals – IRISH JUNIOR TOUR 6

2nd – 4th German Junior Open (Super Series) (Hamburg)
2nd – 4th Connacht Senior Closed
2nd – 4th Munster Senior Closed (Cork)
9th – 11th Senior Intercounties
9th – 11th Irish Open O35/O40 (Cork)

9th – 11th Masters Irish Open O45/50/55/60 (Dublin) – IRISH MASTERS TOUR 5
10th – 11th Junior Interprovincials (Ulster)

16th – 18th (Nothing scheduled – Saint Patrick’s Weekend)
23rd – 24th Senior Interprovincials (Leinster)
24th – 1st Apr European U19 Individual & Team Champs. Poland
30th – 1st April Ballyearl Senior Open IRISH SENIOR TOUR 8
31st – 2nd April Five Nations – U13 & U15 Cardiff

6th – 7th All Ireland Club C’ships
6th – 7th Masters Interprovincials

13th – 15th West Of Ireland – IRISH SENIOR TOUR 9 & PSA
18th – 21st GillenMarkets Irish Open PSA – Women & Men
20th – 21st South-East Invitational (Celtic SC, Waterford) 
20th – 21st TBC W O55, M O35/O55/O75 Home Internationals (Cardiff)
27th – 28th (Nothing scheduled for Seniors/Masters)
28th All Ireland Schools Finals

MAY ’18
2nd – 5th TBC European Team Championships Division 1 & 2 ??
4th – 5th TBC W O50, M O50/O70 Home Internationals (Dublin)
11th – 12th TBC W O45, M O45/O65 Home Internationals (Nottingham)
10th – 13th U/15 & U/17 European Team Championships (Malmo, Sweden)
18th – 19th TBC W O35/O40, M O40/O60 Home Internationals (Scotland)

JUNE ’18
15th – 17th Italian Junior Open 2018 (GP)
22nd – 24th Portuguese Junior Open

JULY ’18
29th – Aug 4th WSF World Masters Championships (Charlottesville, USA)
12th – 15th Dutch Junior Open 2017 (Super Series)