Division 2, 4 and 6 – Munster Leagues

Division 2, 4 and 6 – Munster Leagues
Munster Leagues 23-24

The Munster Squash League is open for entries for Division 2, Division 4, and Division 6 – all entries are via SportyHQ (Link below)

The start date is mid-February and depending on team numbers, the plan is to run each division as a league to maximize games but in some cases, we will use groups.

The leagues are a great way to play an extra competitive game mid-week, Division 2 (Tues Night) Division 4 (Wed Night), and Division 6 (Thurs Night)

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Signup now on SportyHQ: https://www.sportyhq.com/league/view/Munster-Leagues-23-24