Munster Leagues: Fixtures have now been set for 2016/2017 season

The league fixture dates for Division 1 through to Division 5 have been set for the coming season, check them out at the leagues section, can navigate to it from the main menu of this site under Leagues>>Mens League>>Fixtures

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Please note, there has been a significant change to the layout of the fixtures from previous years.

Fixture Dates
All leagues will commence at the start of the season together, in late September and early October, and all leagues will run concurrently until April.
The fixtures for respective leagues will be spread out more than in previous years, with at least 2 weeks between rounds, and there will be gaps allowed to facilitate entry into Munster tournaments, and a large gap will be allowed from early December to late January to avoid long distance travel during wintry road conditions.

Team Entry
Teams for all league divisions shall be entered at the earliest opportunity from now to the Munster Captain.

The final deadline for entering a team for all divisions is 6pm Friday 16th September 2016.
A provisional panel listing the team players must be supplied to the Munster Captain with the entry.

League fees are 100 euro per team, and 50 euro for a second team in the same division. Fees shall be paid before the start of the leagues.

The provisional panels may be re-ordered or altered up to 6pm Friday 23rd September 2016, after which they shall be frozen until the half-way point in the round robin stage of the leagues.

It is a requirement that a named team captain and a nomination for league secretary must be provided (can be the same person to do both roles if preferable). Neither the team captain nor the league secretary nominee have to be a player, a club representative could equally fill either or both roles.

Team Eligibility
It is mandatory that all teams must be affiliated to Irish Squash.

Player Ability
It is the duty of the club entering a team to ensure the players are at a suitable level for the division into which they are being entered.
Players must not be entered into a league below their standard of play.
If there are any queries please consult with the Munster Captain for clarification.

League Rules
It is the duty of the Team Captain for each team to familiarise themselves with the League Rules, which have been updated for the coming season.
The League Rules can be accessed in the Leagues section from the main menu of this website under Leagues>>League Rules.

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